Supply Chain Management

As large Enterprises get more efficient by deploying ERP applications, there is bound to be a trickle down effect.  Any large company having big manufacturing plants source products from several smaller manufacturer of parts.  These smaller manufacturers while being an intrinsic part of the entire manufacturing chain, need to gradually come up to speed by becoming more efficient, productive, timely and competitive. Similarly on the sales and distribution front too.

The cascading effect of such inter related supply chains can be seen with many large enterprises worldwide. For example when Wal-Mart reduced their supply chain costs year on year, Indian textile exporters supplying to them had to reduce costs to stay in the game.  Hence with the aid of our Supply chain management solutions, manufacturing  enterprises can help their smaller SMB ecosystem players such as manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and dealers reduce costs, improve market response time and initiate a better inventory management process by deploying ERP solutions on the cloud model. This would iron out all bottlenecks of these large enterprises thereby increasing their efficiencies manifold times. The solution can even be a hybrid model  wherein these smaller SMBs use any standard product (such as Tally.ERP9) that can be integrated with our ERP at the core backend.

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Systech ERP integrates well with Tally ERP9

Systech ERP interoperable capability helps you seamlessly integrate and consolidate data under multiple application environment.
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