Retaining existing customers is the fundamental to any business before acquiring new ones. Repeat and reference businesses from the customers form the basis of business growth. The increasing competition has impacted the way customer services are delivered. Customer delight has become the buzzword of today’s success.

Great Customer Experience

Systech ERP CSM Customer Support Management System unleashes its power in achieving excellence in customer support deliveries consistently thus upholding your reputation in the market. It makes you the best service provider in the industry by adapting to ‚Äėcustomer- demanded‚Äô processes.¬†Systech ERP CSM offers

  • Customer happiness drive by bringing technology into your hands
  • Identify and focus the less-satisfied customers
  • Increased process orientation and reduced people dependency in every aspect
  • Increased productivity of the support force
  • Onsite and Carry-in support
  • Capability of quick analysis of key parameters and creation of critical reports on a real time basis

Systech ERP integrates well with Tally.ERP9

Systech ERP interoperable capability helps you seamlessly integrate and consolidate data under multiple application environment. Tally.ERP9 being the designated financial management software for most of the SMEs in India and middle east, Systech ERP seamlessly integrates with it..Read more


Systech ERP offers you functionalities that re-define your service business and focus in satisfying your customers. Whatever may be your line of business, it orients and fits perfectly into it by way of simple configuration.

Onsite or Carry-in or both, choose and operate the model as required by your business.

Register Calls, raise tickets, allocation & transfer to support personnel, closure of tickets, customer rating and feedback all aimed at providing an extra ordinary support service to your customers. View unclosed calls by ageing, call type, spare type, area, engineer, etc to drive and close complaints fast.

Material receipt, Raise Job Order, Tag and Storage, Carry-out repair, Spares Management, checking upto delivery and billing. Re-opening of issues.

Identify and prioritize customers by call rating, not called customers and focus them. Turn the not happy customers happy.

Supports Helpline, Voice Support, Online support and complaint inter-transfers.

Spare indents, Purchase indents, Stores, Purchase Order, GRN and Purchase Invoice, Spare issues and consumption. Spares Cannibalization, repair and replacement. Sales of spares, manage imprest spares and re-order levels.

Track vendor warranty against purchases, customer warranty against sales, works warranty. Handle multiple warranty types and raise warranty claims. Service expiry notification and renewal proposals.

Create service quotation, raise service order and invoices, service and spares sales, service outsourcing.

Manage machines available in the field, sort them by item, group, support type, geography, service expiry and what not.

Mobile ERP Solutions

Systech ERP,a ground breaking platform for the mobile world, gives you access to your business information as easily as if you were at your desk. It can be accessed from your mobile browser or by our exclusive apps developed for a specific purpose.


csmDistributed Support

As web based application, Systech ERP connects with your customers and employees online and hence can transact on a real-time basis from any corner of the world. For ex., a customer can raise an issue thru’ Systech ERP portal and be informed about the status. The resolution can happen by one or more resource that are universal.

erpPerformance Analysis using dashboards

Systech ERP dashboards and scorecards provide you an insight into the key vitals of service management. Our dashboards help you analyze support performance of Customer or Engineer including downtime, uptime and other critical aspects. The scorecard provides with an absolute control of the situation from where you can drill down upto the transaction in search of details.

erpManage Customer Documents Digitally

All important documents related to a service are digitally stored in the system for instant access and perusal, be it their call feedback report, ticket closure certificate,etc.

erpConvert into PDFs and Excels instantly

All the MIS and registers can be readily converted into PDFs and Excel documents for easy sharing devoid of ‚Äėprint-outs‚Äô thus vouching for a paperless and green environment.

erpAlert your Technicians

Alert your support personnel thru’ SMS on allotment of customer complaint. Set pre-defined checks, customer and internal notifications and Systech ERP will alert on these occasions thru’ emails, SMS and pop-ups.

erpScorecards ‚Äď Drive the entire Business

Scorecards provide you an insight into all the key vitals thereby maintaining your business healthy and growing. Score card is your single window world which drives you to perform your tasks on time. Watch them live for that ‚Äėabsolute control‚Äô from where you can drill down upto the transaction in search of details.