Cloud Services

Implementation of traditional  ERP solutions is beyond affordability for most of the SMB customers. It calls for substantial investments  to be made in the areas of ERP acquisition, IT infrastructure, connectivity, software licenses, upgrades, etc.  Further it is time consuming  to put such a system in place. There is now an alternative to to it. ERP on the cloud.  The model that offers anywhere anytime computing ideal for dispersed business environment, people on the move and extending the ERP to its vendors, partners and all stake holders. This model eliminates all or some of the above costs and difficulties by quickly adopting to our cloud services.  Systech offers two types of cloud services:

‘Software as a Service’ is an absolute cloud model where you can access the entire application thru’ simple internet.  The application, the infrastructure and the platform are all part of our offering and all that you need is to pay for them on a per-user per-month basis. It is instant and you can start using the application from day one. Systech’s strong domain knowledge and industry best practices coupled with a demonstrated success offers application that can be configured  to suit your own style. The following  modules are currently offered under this model :

TradeWinds Overview
  • CRM (Customer Relationship management)
  • CSM (Customer Service management)
  • HRM (Human Resources management)

‘Deployment on the cloud’ model is where solutions bought from us are hosted on the cloud. This again frees you from all capital investments excepting the application itself in other words this is called as  ‘Platform as a Service’.  The advantage here is that the solution is extensively customized to suit your needs and suits domains mainly manufacturing. The savings are again substantial here in terms of infrastructure, power, maintenance and software licenses.